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If you are thinking of selling or buying real estate in London, you need to Contact Rex Rabbit Real Estate now. There are no regrets in getting us involved!

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  • We will show you how we will, absolutely and literally save you thousands of monies by using our approach.
  • We will show you how to maximize your funds, saving you a small fortune.  We value your property sale as much as we would value our own.
  • We have over 500 current and active buyers at any given point in time, hence we can have a ready buyer for your property.
  • If you are thinking of selling or buying, why not take just a 15 minutes timeout,  at any time that suits you, to let us call you for a no obligation chat.  Hear what we have to say and do which makes us different from the others.


Rex Rabbit Real Estate office is based in central London and head office in Dubai, UAE and with global footprints in 3 countries (Iran, Turkey, Spain). We have built our business on trust and integrity, applying the highest ethical standards and leading by example. Our company ethics include being honest, open and transparent, offering an excellent service with attention to detail and creating success.

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