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About Us

Rex Rabbit Real Estate is a full service real estate brokerage company.

We are committed to providing each of our clients with relevant and reliable information, helping them stay ahead of London’s fast-paced property market. We believe in delivering transparent and personalized service clients deserve.   We offer expertise in all aspects of real estate and can help you to buy, sell, rent or manage properties at tailored prices to meet your goals.  Our team of professionals will work to make your property solutions as easy and seamless as possible.  We are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings.   We have a dedicated team, passionate real estate professionals who understand clients requirements.   We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the mid and high-end luxury property market.

We work on the region’s most exclusive listings and provide property search in almost all areas of UK for our overseas clients.


Rex Rabbit  – Property Solutions – Simplified

  • Asset Management
  • Acquisition | Disposition
  • Landlord | Tenant Representation
  • Investment Consulting
  • Home Loan and Refinancing Consulting
  • Research
  • Valuation


Real Estate Is A People Business – We get People to Think About Properties

  • Widen sales efforts to include existing customers.
  • To increase customer retention.
  • Maintain outstanding customer service, provide incentives.
  • Develop and expand customer database.
  • Introduce new and existing properties
  • To expand sales to the international marketplace.
  • Improve service approach for new and existing customers.
  • Social Media
  • Campaign on all digital platforms
  • Inbound marketing efforts to convert visitors to sales qualified leads.
  • Nurture leads

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